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Grace in Our Relationships

Dear Church, Thank you for engaging with me last week on the topic of how we love one another better. This is such a vital part of our calling, and yet it is so easy to slip into the world’s tendency towards individualism and keeping our distance from one another. So what can you do […]


Dear Church, As part of our focus on Ephesians recently I have been drawing an analogy with the Cinderella story. Actually, I believe the story is so cherished because it reflects aspects of the gospel story. Ephesians helps us to get our perspective right. It helps us to see that, really, our salvation is for […]

Prayer Vigil for Refugees

Dear Church, On Sunday I raised the issue of the ‘Nauru files’ – the recent release of 2,000 leaked reports of awful conditions on Nauru. It seems that refugees on Nauru, including and especially children, are being treated shamefully in what appears to be a systemic pattern of abuse and neglect. I do not believe […]