Grace in Our Relationships

Dear Church,

Thank you for engaging with me last week on the topic of how we love one another better. This is such a vital part of our calling, and yet it is so easy to slip into the world’s tendency towards individualism and keeping our distance from one another. So what can you do to help us make sure we operate differently? I came across this quote on grace. Grace is the gift of God, and we so badly need God’s power if we are to successfully love one another with the affection scripture urges us to have.

“One reason we place high value on grace in our relationships is because grace plows the soil of the hearts and makes it receptive to receive the seeds that we may want to drop into the soil.  Grace cultivates the soil so that when truth is spoken, the person is open and receptive.  When the spirit of grace is my lifestyle towards others, I speak to them, and they are more apt to accept and profit from what I say.  Seeds of truth need to fall in grace-saturated soil.”

— Dr. Norm Wakefield & Jody Brolsma in Men Are from Israel, Women Are from Moab

Now, have a great week filling your life with grace!