Pastor Peter Atkins

Our ministry team is headed by Pastor Peter Atkins, who entered the pastoral ministry in 2006 with the Hunters Hill Community Church. Having first become involved with the church in 1999 as an organist, Peter felt the call of God to work as a pastor and has recently completed training at Morling College.

Peter Atkins and family

Peter Atkins and family

Having studied psychology and then education at the University of Tasmania he worked as a primary school teacher for four years at Channel Christian School in Tasmania. During that time he began to sense God’s call to develop his love for music, which had been a hobby since childhood. In 1999 Peter moved to Sydney to pursue his love for playing and improvising on the piano, with a degree in Jazz piano at Wesley Institute. After finishing his degree he worked in the music industry in Sydney as a contemporary and jazz pianist.

In 2004 Peter began a research project at the University of New South Wales, aimed at investigating the nature of spiritual experiences in music. This developed into a PhD and has afforded Peter some excellent opportunities to develop an understanding of how music works, and why it is such a powerful communicator of the ineffable.

In 2002 Peter had the joy of marrying a young lady he had met at his church, Regina. They now have two sons – Benjamin and Samuel, and one daughter – Kayla. Only now is Peter finally content to live in Sydney! Apart from this Peter has a range of interests including listening to music, Bushwalking, any activity on the water, reading, home renovations and creating music. His favourite food is ice-cream and his favourite activity is sitting alone in some inspiring place in nature, such as a mountain top, or on the banks of a raging white water river, just enjoying the creation.