Our Vision

To shine the light of Christ.

Our Values

  1. A hunger for God – an intense desire for intimacy with God, expressed in prayer and worship
  2. Passion for the Truth – as delivered to us in the Bible and most fully revealed in the person of Jesus Christ
  3. The leading of the Holy Spirit – so we are enabled, guided and held secure not by tradition but by the Spirit of God
  4. Grace – God’s undeserved favour for salvation and daily life
  5. Personal transformation – the process of change that begins with dying to self and being born again, and progressively makes us more like Jesus
  6. Freshness and creativity in our worship – especially through the Arts
  7. The individual in the life of the Body – the unique perspectives and contributions of the individuals who come together in the unity of Christ’s body
  8. Being salt and light – influencing those around us with the goodness of Christ
  9. Reaching out to share the joy of Christ with our community
  10. Love – as the tie that binds us together in deep connections with God, each other and the world